Our why

Our goal is to bring high quality volleyball tournaments to the great state of Iowa.  Ensuring each tournament is enjoyable for everyone and runs smoothly. We strive to eliminate all of the frustrating things that make tournaments sucky. (Unclear rules, improper seeding of tournaments, playing the same team from your pool in the first round of the tournament, ect) 

One of the greatest things about volleyball is the community. We know there are plenty of qualified tournament coordinators in the area that run very successful tournaments. We want to provide a site where players can frequent to check for upcoming tournaments, and can be directed straight to the source to sign up.

Partnering with

AVP America Logo.jpg

Volley Iowa LLC is proud to partner with the premiere outdoor volleyball organization, AVP America. This partnership will help bring in high quality tournaments to Iowa and will help with the overall growth of the sport. This partnership provides a central and consistent location for athletes to gain important AVP points and an opportunity to grow their game in tournaments all over the nation. 

Our Spot

Volleys on
Blairs Ferry

We have the pleasure of being able to hold our tournaments at the greatest facility in Iowa. (ok, we might be a little biased) 

Volleys on Blairs Ferry has been a staple for the highest level volleyball players in the state for over 35 years. 

With 17 courts. A full bar. And a General Manager who loves the sport of volleyball as much as we do, we feel honored to be able to partner with Volleys.

Volleys on Blairs Ferry_edited.jpg

Abi & Andrew Rambo

Owner & Operator

We are passionate about growing the game of volleyball in our home state of Iowa. After playing in hundreds of tournaments and hosting many ourselves, we figured the next step in our journey is to start Volley Iowa LLC and partner with largest outdoor volleyball association in the United States, AVP America!

Our Team