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Membership FAQS

I don't want to be an AVP member but my child wants to/needs to become a member. What should I do and how do I sign them up?

If your child is under 18 years old, in order to protect them, the AVP requires their account to be managed by a parent or guardian.  The AVP offers free memberships for this exact reason so please follow the below steps.

  1. Create a Basic (free) membership for yourself here.

  2. On your profile page, click the dropdown menu on the left side with your name on it, and select “Create linked account.”

  3. You are then brought to a new screen that allows you to select the member tier for your child. If your child is competing in non-bid tournaments, select Silver. If they are just competing in a league or club, select Bronze. If your child hopes to compete at Junior Nationals, East Coast Championships, or West Coast Championships, select Gold.

  4. Run through the sign-up screens as prompted, entering your child’s information.  Note: You will need to use a different email address than the one you used to create your own account.

  5. Follow the prompt on each page and complete a successful payment to create your child’s AVP membership.

  6. Once the child’s AVP membership is created, you will be brought back to your own AVP account and that U18 membership is successfully linked to your own account.

My child is under 18 years old and already has an AVP membership but he/she can no longer renew or pay for his/her membership (their profile has an alert saying he/she needs a linked parent/guardian account). Why did this happen and what should we do?

In order to protect children under the age of 18, the AVP is now requiring all U18 accounts to have a parent/guardian account linked to it (allowing the parent/guardian account to manage and pay for the child’s online account). Please follow the below steps to resolve this.

  1. A parent/guardian must have their own AVP account first.  If the parent/guardian doesn’t have an account yet or doesn’t want to pay for their own membership, they can create a Basic (free) membership here.

  2. Once the parent/guardian account is created (could be a Basic membership OR any paying membership tier), log-in to your account.  On your profile page, click the dropdown menu on the left side with your name on it, and select, “Link an existing account.”

  3. You are then brought to a new screen where you are required to input the U18 account’s Member ID, Date of Birth, and Zip Code. Upon successful entry, you will then be required to answer the U18 account’s security question. If answered correctly, you will have successfully claimed this U18 account and linked them to your own account.  If you get an error that the U18 account has not completed their security questions and cannot be claimed, please see the FAQ below for further directions.

  4. Now that the U18 account is linked to your own account, you can manage, renew, and/or upgrade the U18 membership by heading to your own Linked Accounts page and clicking into their profile of the U18 account listed.

I am trying to link my child's existing AVP membership to my own account but am unsuccessful due to security questions not being completed. What does that mean and how do I resolve this?

AVP members that are under the age of 18 have their own account/membership, with their own independent log-in, and the AVP has implemented security measures to prevent just any adult from linking and claiming a U18 membership.  For an existing U18 membership to be successfully claimed and linked to another AVP account, the U18 member must follow the below steps.

  1. The U18 member must log-in to their own account with their membership email address and password.  If the U18 account was created for them by a parent/guardian, the minor will have received an email with their password.  This password is specific to the U18 account AND is sent to the email address the parent/guardian inputted for the U18 account when it was created.

  2. Upon a U18 member logging into their AVP account, they may be prompted to change their password in order to make it unique and custom to them.  Please follow the prompt and change the password associated.

  3. Next, the U18 member may be prompted to set their security questions.  The U18 member will be able to pick the security questions of their choice and fill in the answers that are specific to them.  If a U18 user is NOT prompted to complete their security questions, they can always do so by visiting the profile page and selecting “Update Security Questions” in the Security section of the page.

  4. IMPORTANT: A U18 member MUST fill in their security questions on their own account before any parent/guardian account can claim them and link their account.  And if a U18 member is not linked to a parent/guardian AVP account, they will be unable to renew, pay, or upgrade their U18 membership.

I manage and have a U18 membership linked to my account. How do I renew or upgrade this U18 membership?

First, if your child’s membership needs to be renewed or upgraded and you DON’T have your own AVP account, please review the earlier FAQ questions for information as it is required to have at least a Basic (free) account to manage (renew and upgrade) your child’s membership.

Once that is handled, please log-in to your own AVP account and follow the below steps.

  1. On your profile page, use the dropdown menu with your name on it (which is on the left side) and select your child’s name under “Linked Accounts.”

  2. That action will take you to the U18 AVP membership and their profile page.  You can confirm this because it will say your child’s name in the header at the top of the profile page.

  3. Click the Renew or Upgrade button on the profile page and following the prompts to complete payment.  Upon successful payment, you will have renewed or upgraded that U18 membership.

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